Renee's Hair Designs of New York

W​here a habit!


​     Hello everyone!  My name is Renee Callender and thank ​you for visiting Renee's Hair Designs of New York.  I have found both a profession that I love and a purpose that really matters to me -- helping women find confidence in themselves through their hair. 

     How a woman’s hair looks has a lot to do with how she feels.        Whether it’s going on a date, meeting someone for the first time, having a big day at work, a job interview or a special event -- one’s hair is often the first thing others notice. When I finish a client’s hair, I can literally see and feel their sense of self transform before my very eyes and that brings me great joy.

     I always envisioned having my own business, but the dream really began when I had my first daughter. I was 16 years old and everyone kept asking me if she was a boy! I decided then that I would learn how to grow and style her hair. The feedback I received was so positive, that I decided to explore the idea of really throwing myself into this art form and decided to go to cosmetology school. My passion for hair grew from there and I became a master hair weaver and braider.

     I’ve worked with many Broadway actors/actresses and high-profile clients such as Heidi Klum, Axl Rose, Vivica A. Fox, and Coco Austin. As a native New Yorker, I’ve also worked for a number of celebrity salons, such as Harold Melvin’s, Hairstyles by Joseph and Grace Monica’s in Brooklyn. 

     In 1999, I established Renee’s Hair Designs with my daughter Afi Callender, who is also a licensed stylist and esthetician.  We work together as Mother and Daughter team and my hope is to pass the business on to her.  Please feel free to inquire about her services as well.

      In my spare time I crochet and I've created crochet slippers on the go Naynay and I hope to someday inspire young entrepreneur with skills to help them create fortune for their future.

Again, thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon!